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Persona Synthetics… Did you Google it…?

Did anyone else get mildly freaked out by the Persona Synthetics advert? The first time I saw it, I sat there for a few moments afterwards, wondering whether I was suddenly in a parallel universe, a la iRobot

iRobot image

http://youtu.be/vc7k-DwrITI  (This is the advert I’m talking about…)

When it came on again just now, I had to look it up and find out what it was all about… Let’s face it, I don’t trust Siri and Cortana, so a fully-fledged ‘synth’ in the house, putting the kids to bed. urggggh. *full body shudder*

and this article filled in the blanks for me…


i have to agree with them… It’s the best advert I’ve seen for a TV show in a long time and will definitely be giving it a watch. If you want to get a synth of your own to put the kids to bed so that you can watch it, try their website.