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Week One – Done!

Too many ideas It was about this time last year in NaNoWriMo world, that I had a bit of a crisis, stopped writing anything and basically sat on the fence umming and ahhing about what I was actually going to write.

This year – because I’m working on a familiar story, that’s been in the works for a L-O-N-G time – I’ve thankfully dodged this bullet, for week one at least! Progress wise, I’ve been doing pretty well – nearly 15k words for the first week, which is a great start, but I also have to remind myself that I am deadline queen, which means that I tend to ease off, thinking I have lots of time to do nice interesting things….then have a mad panic when I realise I’ve tried to squeeze in a little too much.

So today, I’m carrying on – hopefully a few good, undisturbed hours in the library will help move me along and set me up for next week, when I know I won’t have as much time to dedicate to writing. But, in the meantime….

but first, tea (ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone!)




Taking Stock

Things have been pretty hectic recently and I’ve been working on lots of things, just not in one particular area…

I’ve been doing promotional work for Hope’s Daughter still, with a couple of interviews and guest posts to come out soon. There was also the ‘polishing up’ of Taking Flight , the missing moment from the end of HD which I released this week as a free treat for readers to celebrate reaching 750 likes on the Facebook page.

For Rainbow Maker’s Tale I’ve been getting on with the writing whenever I can, as well as working with designer on ideas for the cover art. You tube trailer is already out there: http://youtu.be/-JpJLvh9jYg

Outlanders – looks like it will be towards the end of 2012 for this to be ready given my current workload, however, the sneak peek is out there now and I’m working with a very talented singer on music  for the trailer and so I’m excited for that.

Finally – I’ve got the outlines of books 4&5 which will complete the Ambrosia Sequence

So…that’s the plan – I’ve just got to get on with it now! 🙂