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TGIF Throw back!

Looking at old blogs and things last week got me thinking about ‘blogging’ things I used to do and I saw this! The TGIF Look Back was a meme idea, ideally it just took a few minutes to jot down and share how your week had been. For old times sake, this is how my week stacked up – how was yours?

It just takes a few minutes: to play along, just answer the following questions with some Friday feeling…or come up with your own examples for the F R I D A Y letters!

FUNNY – What made you laugh this week?

READING – What were you reading this week?

INSPIRED – What inspired you this week? 

DREAM – What were you dreaming about this week?

ANGEL – Who was your angel of the week?

YUCK – What made you go ‘ewwww’ this week?
My TGIF Look Back…

FUNNY – I watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard this week and was crying laughing at parts of it – I love Ryan Reynolds (esp. Deadpool) and his character in this was like a slightly toned down, smart-talking, kick-ass Deadpool – replacing the red stretchy suit with a natty grey one. If you like him in that, and Samuel L. Jackson in a role with shades of his Marvel counterpart, you’ll probably enjoy this.

READING – Currently reading my first David Estes book Slip and enjoying the shades of Philip K Dick that the first half of the novel has had…

INSPIRED – Maybe it’s the new year ‘blow out the cobwebs’ feeling I’ve been inspired by this week, but getting my latest book finished and coming fresh into the new year is leaving me in a generally writer-y mood! 🙂

DREAM – Oh – an absolutely crazy one last night about trying to get back to a friend’s wedding because I was her bridesmaid – but to get there I had to navigate the sewers by boat to get there, because that’s where she was holding it! I suggest that Co-Op’s garlic soft cheese roulade is yummy, but best not consumed after 9pm if you don’t want to get the crazy dreams!

ANGEL – Angel / star of the week for me are the lovely people who will have been in to Dogs Trust, RSPCA and other dogs homes in the last few days to rescue and give good homes to little puppies gifted at Christmas and already dumped. It’s astounding – and sad – how much this still happens… They’re for life!

YUCK – Yeah, my attempt at home made stroganoff did not go so well this week. It wasn’t awful, but it really wasn’t good!

Too tired to TGIF…

As it is currently twelve minutes after midnight – and officially Saturday – I realise that my TGIF Lookback this week is pretty poor: no post, no picture and now it’s not even Friday. Oh well!

It has been a good week though: busy over on Aside from Writing as Indie Author Month continues with the daily features and giveaway; and like most people I’ve been trying to cram five days of work into a shorter week after the bank holiday, so have been kept busy everyday.

Who’d have thought there was a ‘Top Gun Day’?

Quite randomly – as I was cruising to work this morning through an attractive haze of grey rain and listening to a retro pop playlist – Playing with the Boys from Top Gun came on and it got me thinking…if you could walk into any scene in a movie and just become a part of it as though it were actually happening, where would you go? And would you want to take a main part or just sit in the sidelines and watch?

I always liked the look of the bar they go into in Top Gun on the first night Maverick meets the blonde super-professor love interest – I could quite fancy popping in there with my big hair and eighties outfit for a drink. Then there’s Moulin Rouge – how cool would it be to swing around in a diamond encrusted outfit above what looks to be the world’s best party? I’d also enjoy running up the hillside in Julie Andrews’ place to spin around and sing happily – just because you live in Austria and you can and because it’s nice to be a trainee nun. Of course, you’d be in Maria’s happy position, not knowing that your fellow sisters are thinking about a career change for you on the grounds of capability (could you imagine how long proper consultation, performance management and CRB checks might take today to switch her from one role to another now and allow her to work with children?)

Sorry – I digress a little…

Harry Potter world would be pretty good too – I always liked the first film as I thought it nicely captured the magic and spark for children in discovering a whole new world – so I’d head to the LEaky Cauldron to join in the Diagon Alley stuff – plus Mr V isn’t too tough in that film, so the lights are switched on and you can see what’s happening. By the time you get to the Goblet of Fire it looked like it was being filmed in Manchester with all the grey skies and dark sets.

I’m sure there are lots more I could think of,  but it’s getting late and I’m liable to start writing (even more) rubbish now. But what about you…if you could go into any scene in a film, where would you go and why?

(Oh – last thing before I go – I discovered that May 13th is Top Gun Day whilst searching for the little picture to go on the post. How random is that? I get the Stars Wars – May the 4th thing – but Top Gun Day was new on me. But they have website and everything, so it must be real [click the links to find out more]. If you’re feeling like a retro throw-back, cheesy weekend activity, maybe celebrate with dozens of other people worldwide by watching the film and trying the Top Gun drinking game – it is messy, but supremely entertaining. Maverick out.)