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A little challenge…


My 2016 TBR list 🙂

A while ago I did a challenge where you had to blog about different book things every day for a month – the 30-day challenge. Although I didn’t make it 100% through the month, I did answer all the posts by the end, with some creative mergers!

One of the questions in that challenge asked you what book had been on your ‘to read’ shelf for the longest and I realised that The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series remained uncompleted from my late teens and so had been carted around university halls and a couple of house moves in the last twenty years or so… And no, I’ve still not finished the series :/

Anyway, I’ve been ‘Autumn cleaning’ this weekend and took in the sorry stack of books stashed in my bedside table… They are a motley bunch and seem to follow no rhyme or reason as to why they are there. The only thing I can find to link them is that, at some point in the last few years, the books have appeared there with me thinking ‘I’ll put that here so I read it next’… Research books for my own writing, autobiographies passed on by friends, novels from family (some bought for my birthday, others loaned when they had finished with them), and my spontaneous ASDA purchases that appealed more than broccoli…

There’s an impressive twenty-four books stuffed into that small space and so I’ve decided to give myself a little push with a challenge to clear the decks of these books. So, this weekend I’m starting the ‘clear the bedside table challenge’ – sounds exciting, I know 😉


I’ve set up my Goodreads shelf (for motivation) and now I’ve posted about it here, I’ll have to carry this through – I just need to decide where to start Game of Thrones, James Bond, Antigone or Essential Bushcraft…? Decisions, decisions…


Day 12 – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t

So… I missed posting yesterday and in the true spirit of procrastination, thought that the ‘Day 12’ topic would be a good one for me to post today (there is 1 hour 15 minutes of today left – if you live in the UK – so hopefully it counts and I’ve only missed one day).

How long do your TBR lists go once you start getting into things like Goodreads? I don’t even think I had a ‘list’ before I started blogging and now I have a heaving bedside table, a kindle with more books than I can read (less scary as in digital format even giant books appear small and unassuming) and more books coming every month that I really want to read.

Because of this, there are a lot of books waiting to be read: the rest of the Noughts and Crosses series is waiting patiently in my bedside table, next to the Knife of Never Letting Go trilogy. The first is un-started because of how I felt at the end of book one (you’ll hear more about that later in the challenge) and the second because finding time to read one book, let alone three is a little daunting at the moment.

A couple of years ago, when The King’s Speech, One Day and The Help were all out at the cinema, I decided that I would like to read the books before I saw the films and so I got hold of them all. (When I say a couple of years, I just checked on IMDB and it was 2011, so they’ve all been waiting a wee bit longer than I thought). So far, I’ve not read any of them and now the films are coming around to being shown on ‘normal’ TV – a bit behind here then.

Of these books, The Help is the one I really want to read, even though, off the top of my head I recall less about what the plot of it is than the other two. It’s the one that feels like it will be the most interesting. Maybe I need a holiday, and should put this on the front page of my Kindle to make me choose it first. Or maybe I need to work out how to put an extra few hours into every day, so that I get some nice time to read 🙂

Anyone got a time-turner?