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2017…I plan to read

I saw this today on Pinterest and thought it might be worth giving it a try. It’s still a pretty loose guide to what you’ll read and I’ve got my own ongoing ’empty the bedside table’ challenge and ‘clear the kindle’, which would fit around this.

I quite like the idea of something that nudges me to read something a bit different, without being too prescriptive. Some of the books in my own challenges will fit into this plan (I think) so I’m going to give it a go. The pin is saved below for you, to see if you fancy trying it too.

For January’s book, I’ll need to have a quick trawl through my shelves and see what I fancy re-reading. It’s been a long time since I looked at some of those books…


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A little challenge…


My 2016 TBR list 🙂

A while ago I did a challenge where you had to blog about different book things every day for a month – the 30-day challenge. Although I didn’t make it 100% through the month, I did answer all the posts by the end, with some creative mergers!

One of the questions in that challenge asked you what book had been on your ‘to read’ shelf for the longest and I realised that The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series remained uncompleted from my late teens and so had been carted around university halls and a couple of house moves in the last twenty years or so… And no, I’ve still not finished the series :/

Anyway, I’ve been ‘Autumn cleaning’ this weekend and took in the sorry stack of books stashed in my bedside table… They are a motley bunch and seem to follow no rhyme or reason as to why they are there. The only thing I can find to link them is that, at some point in the last few years, the books have appeared there with me thinking ‘I’ll put that here so I read it next’… Research books for my own writing, autobiographies passed on by friends, novels from family (some bought for my birthday, others loaned when they had finished with them), and my spontaneous ASDA purchases that appealed more than broccoli…

There’s an impressive twenty-four books stuffed into that small space and so I’ve decided to give myself a little push with a challenge to clear the decks of these books. So, this weekend I’m starting the ‘clear the bedside table challenge’ – sounds exciting, I know 😉


I’ve set up my Goodreads shelf (for motivation) and now I’ve posted about it here, I’ll have to carry this through – I just need to decide where to start Game of Thrones, James Bond, Antigone or Essential Bushcraft…? Decisions, decisions…



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Heavenly reading challenge review at Auggie Talk


Oh yes – it gets 5* 🙂 


Forgotten Self is a really good read. Although I’ve not read a huge amount of books in the YA Angel/Demon field – Hush Hush series, Katherine Pine’s After Eden (good) and a couple more I won’t mention as they were shockingly poor– I quite like them when they’re done well. Forgotten Self is done very well and of those I’ve read I would rate it as the best.

The story is a good length and I read it in a couple of days in two long-ish sittings. Even though it’s not a long book it is well-detailed; the ‘angelic’ world has a good depth to it, the explanations for which are delivered nicely throughout the book alongside Abby’s ‘real’ life. The characters are very well drawn, especially Abby, whose POV we read from. And although I tend to plump for one…

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Reading Challenges…Heaven or Hell?

Have many of you signed up for reading challenges this year? Up until recently I’d not really done anything too strenuous for this, just given myself the reasonable target of reading a book a week, so 52 for 2012 on the Goodreads challenge…but then there was the March Dystopia challenge (which was just five books for my target) and I got through them. It was quite nice to blast through some books from the tbr pile, looking at what everyone else was reading and chatting about the BotM.

I thought that might be enough, but it seems that challenges of all shapes and sizes exist and they’re very popular with fans of sites like Goodreads and feature on book blogs all over the place. There is no way I’ll be able to read with the speed that some people do (one girl did over thirty books in a month for one challenge!) but they are actually a very good way of focusing your reading in a particular area and encouraging you to blast through a few books. I imagine that for some readers and especially book bloggers this could be very useful and motivating 🙂

Taking part in the challenges is also a really good way to meet other bloggers and readers with similar book tastes, find new blogs you might want to follow (as with blog hosted challenges you report back your reviews and reads) and basically have a bit of fun reading books you enjoy anyway. So, with that said, what am I going to be doing? Well, I know I can’t read that many books, because if I did I’d never write anything of my own again 🙂 But in Goodreads Group Books, Blogs, Authors and More we’ve created an ‘Reading Olympics Challenge’ – yes, participation in this is about as sporty as I’ll be getting this year – and so I’m entering a few ‘events’ there, which are great as they allow a variety of books. I also really liked the sound of Auggie-Talk’s ‘Heavenly Challenge’ (plus the button is gorgeous!) and as a recent convert to this genre, I think I’ll tackle this too. Besides that I’ll not commit myself now, but you never know, I do like a challenge! 😉


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