Pin of the Week – 11: Quoting Songs


One of my (many) quotes boards is one that covers wonderful words from music and film… With this little one from Katie Perry’s Firework I like the image, as much as the words itself. Nice and inspirational, for whatever it is you need a little push on…


Pin of the Week – 8: Creativity is Contagious

Not a surprise to see me posting Einstein quotes as a favourite pin 🙂 I have his quotes on my desk at work, as well as in pride of place in my little writing corner at home. I love that such a great scientific mind understood the value of creativity and imagination, as well as logic and intelligence.


When it comes to Pinterest, I probably pin Quotes above everything else – so much so that I’ve had to start separating them out onto new boards dedicated to particular areas: Life, Quoting Films and Music, Literary Quotes…  So much to pin, so little time! 🙂

Pin of the Week – 3: Adventure or tea?

imageAs a fan of tea and literature, who wouldn’t appreciate Peter Pan’s excellent time management skills, putting tea in it’s rightful place?

If you love this too, you can grab your own real world copy at –

Pin of the Week – 1

In 2014, I picked up a bit of a pinterest habit – for anyone who loves words and quotes, there are just too many to like! So, I thought I’d share here with you my favourites each week – because you’re a sophisticated bunch and will hopefully like them too 🙂

So, to get us started, here’s a nice quote on books, from Stephen King – because he knows a thing or two about them…