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Pin of the Week – 13: Life and Love

Ted Hughes


As a literary student (former, current? It’s a state of mind 🙂 Probably) poetry is one of the areas I will admit that I often overlook. I can reel off the novelists I love and the books that I read and re-read, but if I’m honest my sphere of knowledge on poetry is somewhat lacking. Although usually much shorter than a book, I find poetry, for me, is often less accessible – unless it’s a limmerick 😉

Conversely, with children’s books, I find that my favourites are usually poetic – obviously, I’m a conflicted person.

Anyway, of the few poets I actively choose to read, Ted Hughes is one of my favourites and here this is one of my favourite quotes from him, on life and love.

Inspiration – Day 1

To help keep me motivated during NaNoWriMo this year, and maybe to help any of you who are taking the challege as well, I’m going to share some of my favourite Pinterest piccies with you. Every few days, when I need that extra push, I’ll pop something up for how I’m feeling about writing that day – I hope you like them and if they inspire you too, then that’s even better 🙂

So, here we go – Day 1 – it’s the beginning, so let’s be optimistic about what’s ahead 🙂


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