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Sneaky Peeky? Outlanders

In preparation for the writing marathon that is NaNoWriMo, starting on Saturday, I’ve been looking back at the early bits of Outlanders that I wrote originally in 2012 for NaNoWriMo that year. (Oh.Wow. I do procrastinate!)

Earlier this year I re-drafted and added some scenes to the early part of the book, expanding the original bits (which used to be on my ‘Sneak Peeks’ page). I’m now going to be working on the ‘middle to end’ bits – attempting to avoid editing as much as I can, as I enter myself for NaNoWriMo 2014.

RMT - Cover - 5

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To celebrate the fact that I’m going to make myself do some writing, and that it’s been a year since I released The Rainbow Maker’s Tale, I’ve got a double-whammy of freebies! From 1st – 5th November inclusive, if you are the proud owner of a Kindle (like me) then you can download yourself a FREE copy of The Rainbow Maker’s Tale from Amazon.

And if you’re more interested in what I’m working on, then you can check out the latest ‘sneak peek’ version of Outlanders here on the blog. Just CLICK to start reading!

Outlanders…I’m Writing (ish)

OUTLANDERS - Cover - 9

Outlanders…. A work in progress

So…with a little spare time on my side, I’m trying to make a ‘proper’ effort to do some writing and move the Outlanders story forwards. It’s a bit frustrating, as it’s not like I don’t know what’s going to happen, when, to who and how…I’ve just really been struggling these last few months to sit down and do anything productive with the manuscript.

I’ve just re-vamped my ‘playlist’ to try and help get the creative juices working and put me in the right mindset for writing, and funnily enough, I have found myself rather inspired by a song that I came across accidentally, which a friend of mine had done several years ago. And yes, it is now in my ‘inspiration’ playlist 🙂

I knew Kerry had worked in music before, but sometimes when you know someone in a different part of their lives it can be hard to picture them in one the others. Anyway, what I found funny when I came across this track was that her voice, the lyrics, even the tune reminded me of Cassie and the journey she’s got to go on in Outlanders. 

Here’s the track:

“Dream Another Dream” Featuring Kerry Lee Clark Produced and co-written by Rickytee

I love the idea that comes through in the song about making your own decisions, internal strength and moving forwards when life – or dreams – don’t happen the way you thought they would. Some of my favourite lyrics are:

“Find another way to be yourself some day”

“You’re choosing all the roads you follow, you gotta walk in your own shoes.”

“If you want to make it, you’ve got to take it, cos nothing’s free. / You build yourself a new tomorrow.”


So what do you think – do you like the track, feel the inspiration? Do you have your own playlists for your book when you’re writing? And any advice for making me knuckle down and get some work done 🙂



NaNoWriMo… Are you in?

So… this year I’ve decided to take part in NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month – which takes place every year and runs throughout November. I considered trying this last year to kick-start my creativity, but was heavily into editing Hope’s Daughter at the time and so couldn’t commit to being creative and an editor at the same time – there’s not enough room inside my head.

But this year…I’ve done my editing on The Rainbow Maker’s Tale and it’ll be with the people doing their edits and beta reading for the next few weeks, so I thought ‘why not?’ Helpfully, I’m already into Outlanders, which is what I’ll be working on for NaNoWriMo, and so I have a huge amount waiting to be written after months of kicking around the ideas and one-shots. I’m hoping that writing each day – just pouring the story out of me – will help get me into a good routine, that might continue into the new year… but then again, that sounds far too organised for me! 🙂

Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? What are you going to write about?

It’s all go, go, go! :)

Although I’ve recently been spending most of my time working on finishing RMT, there’s been work for Outlanders on as well. Today the first version of the Outlanders cover has been completed 🙂 After struggling with ideas for how to do this for a while – I’ll post some of the ‘might have been’ versions here on the blog on the day the actual cover reveal happens – I really think this is the one! Woo hoo!! I’m just waiting on feedback from a trusty bunch of writer, reader and arty friends and we’ll take it from there…

Also, the first version of the original music for the Outlanders book trailer has come through recently. The melody sounds great and so it’s back with the very talented singer/musician that I’m working with on this, for them to layer in more vocals and instruments.

Right! That’s enough excitement for now – I must get back to the laptop and finish this editing 🙂

Taking Stock

Things have been pretty hectic recently and I’ve been working on lots of things, just not in one particular area…

I’ve been doing promotional work for Hope’s Daughter still, with a couple of interviews and guest posts to come out soon. There was also the ‘polishing up’ of Taking Flight , the missing moment from the end of HD which I released this week as a free treat for readers to celebrate reaching 750 likes on the Facebook page.

For Rainbow Maker’s Tale I’ve been getting on with the writing whenever I can, as well as working with designer on ideas for the cover art. You tube trailer is already out there: http://youtu.be/-JpJLvh9jYg

Outlanders – looks like it will be towards the end of 2012 for this to be ready given my current workload, however, the sneak peek is out there now and I’m working with a very talented singer on music  for the trailer and so I’m excited for that.

Finally – I’ve got the outlines of books 4&5 which will complete the Ambrosia Sequence

So…that’s the plan – I’ve just got to get on with it now! 🙂