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2016, a year gone by

Over new year there are always lots of reflection posts and ‘what I’m going to do next’ ones floating around everyone’s blogs. I’ve not done one so far this year – I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts, sometimes been saddened to see what they’ve struggled with in 2016, other times I’ve been impressed with what they have achieved. Now that we’re nearing the end of January, I suppose I’m finished procrastinating…

For me, 2016 was a bit of a mix – my new job kicked into high-gear and never really stopped, which meant alot of my mental space was dedicated elsewhere. I wrote sporadically – Cirque de la Nuit moved on a bit, but not as far as I would have liked… my ‘new adult’ project got a few scenes expanded, nothing major. I did release a book (surprisingly) – Faris and Jack – but it was something I had written a long while ago (nearly ten years!) and I got the chance to re-edit and polish it up whilst on holiday in Scotland.

So far, Faris and Jack has proved to be the most popular of my books, in terms of downloads. I’ve not pushed it hugely, opting rather to release it free electronically for all the major e-readers forever. I’ve already written the sequel and the outlines for the final couple of books that go with the series, so I’ll be aiming to get the second one out in 2017, then hopefully (!) finish Cirque de la Nuit because it feels like it deserves to be finished. I’m actually enjoying writing that story more than any I’ve done so far – little pieces clicking into place more easily, more naturally than the books before. Perhaps that’s just practice helping me along?

So that’s about it really, from a writing point of view. I’d like to blog more than I did last year – it was a bit of a bust across the four blogs I work on, with only bits and pieces being posted… I’m not doing too badly so far this year and I’d like to post about the 2017 reading plan if nothing else, I think there’s going to be some interesting reading this year.

For anyone reading this, I hope that you write well in 2017 and that the year is good to you… I hope that readers amongst you find some fantastic books to enjoy and embrace the new writers that you find… For everyone, I hope that 2017 takes you closer to achieving your dreams and that you have a happy year.

Mel x

Am I resolved? Erm…

I’m not very good at New Year resolutions – I don’t really see the point, although that’s not because I think I’m perfect! 😛 Like most people, I’m not overly good at actually changing myself. Change at work or in things I enjoy is exciting, but changing something about yourself? That’s pretty tough – if not impossible.

Bad habits…? I’m lucky enough not to smoke, so I don’t need to quit. I could do with exercising more, but I’m not a massive gym fan – maybe Just Dance 2014 will help me to boogie my way to a fitter me? In general, the only thing I would really like, and would be inclined to put some real effort into, would be getting more time – time to write, time to read and spend time with family and do the good things in life. Is that possible?

In my 2013 new year post, I vowed to write more; read, promote and blog less – mainly because I found that in 2012, I spent so much time doing the latter, it didn’t help me write much and I don’t think it sold a huge amount of books! Also, like many authors, I got into this because I wanted to write. Although I really love the blogging stuff, which is writing in a different guise, I still feel guilty when I spend time on the blog, when I could be jotting down a scene or doing some edits…

So, my plan for 2014, is hopefully to achieve more of the same as I did in 2013: I’ve got Outlanders to complete and release, and have already started book 4, so have that in the pipeline – but I’d also really like to get on with the two NaNo ideas I started in November…There’s no way I’ll get to all of that, but if I just get one done, I’ll be happy (and if I solve the ‘time’ issue, I’ll let you know!)