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Book Boyfriends

A litte drink?

Book boyfriends Vs Real boys…?

Like many ladies, I’m not averse to a good slice of man totty livening up the pages of a book – although unfortunately, no matter how lovely Mr Darcy, Edward or any of them may seem, in reality, you’re more likely to meet one of these guys above, than one of our fictional lovelies.

But, as it’s Valentine’s Day, we can pretend can’t we? So, what kind of chap do we like to see in our books?

A lot of YA books still have the ‘Mr Darcy’ types in place: they are protective, a little aloof and can clash with their leading ladies…I’m thinking Four from Divergent, maybe Edward Cullen (although he has mildly stalker-ish tendencies), Lucas from Easy… Would you include Peeta in this group? He’s always putting Katniss first, even when she doesn’t realise it – shades of Elizabeth Bennett? 

Then again – your ‘bad boys’ are still popular too: Patch from Hush, Hush has plenty of fans, and Travis from Beautiful Disaster sits firmly on the wrong side of the street with his anger management issues and cage fighting antics.

Where would Mr Gray fit into things? I have to admit, I haven’t read the books, not really able to get through the opening pages in the kindle preview…but he’s certainly made an impact on many ladies out there, judging by the number of copies the Fifty Shades books sold!

So, how about you? Settling down with a book boyfriend this Friday – tell me who! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

So…it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. But do you love it or loathe it?

It is the one day a year that a cynic will tell you is aimed at charging people lots of money for poor quality food or near dead roses (they’re usually the same ones who tell you Christmas is too commercial) or gushy romantics will bore you to tears with cliche tales of true love.

Personally speaking I’m neither gushy nor cynical about Valentine’s Day, more mildly ambivalent really. Wow, with lukewarm sentiments like those you’d think I was completely heartless  but I think I must be a closet romantic. When you read a lot – especially YA books which tend to have some romantic element to them, often first love – you see the best parts of relationships. With a story about first love you see all the caution and fear and obsessing over every small detail – trust me, we all do it! And when they make that big jump and go for it? Well, we’re hooked aren’t we.

What’s the difference between love in ‘real life’ and what we read in our books? I believe that the core elements are exactly the same – magnetism, passion, friendship and trust – it’s just that in a novel it all comes in one big hit, whilst in real life it might begin that way but then other things happen to mellow it out so that you can actually consider living too!

So with that in mind – what’s a perfect Valentine’s Day? For me it goes one of two ways – if you’re with someone you care about, just do what you can to make it a special day and remind yourself why you love being with them – it doesn’t really need flowers and dinner, just each other. <- See I can do cheesy!

If not – why not grab a nice treat and settle down with one of your favourite couples and see them fall in love all over again? That sounds like a pretty good idea to me! If you’re stuck for ideas some of my favourites are Katniss and Peeta (in The Hunger Games or Mockingjay), Callum and Sephy (Noughts and Crosses) or Sookie and Eric (in Dead to the World). Of course I also love Cassie and Balik from Hope’s Daughter – but I would wouldn’t I?

(Original copy posted at asidefromwriting.wordpress.com on 14th February 2012)