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New Weekly Meme – TGIF!

This week I was looking around for some inspiration for a new regular blog post to do…I liked doing the WWW Wednesday hosted by  Should Be Reading and will probably be doing that pretty frequently – although this week I’m still stuck in the middle of The Passage, it’s a HUGE book, so it killed my chances of completing the March reading challenge as well as doing the feature!

Anyway – what will I be doing for my own meme? Well, I liked the idea of looking back at the week gone by and thinking about the good, bad and ugly…so I’ll be launching ‘TGIF Look Back’ and featuring it each week on my blog, there are six different things to think about each week connected to the letters F R I D A Y 🙂  Sounds simple enough, take a look at what my week has been like when I do the first feature tomorrow