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Just Finished…Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road I enjoyed reading this, especially with it being a random ‘library’ choice that I picked up as I walked through the teen section. I’d seen it around on GR in the past and thought ‘why not?’

It was a quick and absorbing read, once you got into the narration style. Saba was an interesting heroine, not too perfect, impatient, flawed and pretty ‘real’. I didn’t always like her, but could see where she was coming from. The surrounding cast of characters threw in some more appealing people and made the story tick along well.

This is really a 3* story for me: Mad Max-esq dust bowl future worlds, with cage fighting heroines and crazy-freak dictator types are not my favourite settings for an apocalyptic world. There were some nice references to the previous ‘wrecker’ inhabitants, but it did feel too familiar and it would have been nice to have a more original backdrop for the story, rather than so quite typical ‘go to’ sterotypes from post-apocolyptic films. What did bump up the story for me was the narration style: the way Saba describes her world and reports the dialogue of others gave it an interesting twist – you’ll either love it or hate it, but it certainly sets it apart from some of the other more popular first-person narrator books around.