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Here’s Johnny! An actor prepares…

Random surfing this week and I came across this video on a Twitter feed. I always liked The Shining and wrote a piece on it when I was at Uni – Duality, Duplicity and Double-Narrative in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
just in case you were wondering 🙂 – which means I’ve watched it a bunch of times and then some.

I do love these kind of videos, where you get to see the reality behind the performance, especially when it’s one you’re very familiar with. I’m really rubbish at acting – think piece of wood on a stage, with make-up on, saying words like a robot – but as someone who is creative in another field, I love seeing and hearing how someone creates themselves as a new character, the processes they go through, to bring out the details and reality, just like I might write and then re-write a scene to give it believable depth. I’ve seen some excellent, lengthy videos on this type of thing by other actors, but I quite like Jack’s “I’m evil, I’m an axe killer,” bouncing up and down technique. Simple and to the point; although it’s his slow, quiet, non-manic bits in these scenes that I think are the most disturbing.

Book Trailer Thursday – 1

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I usually take part in this meme from Aside from Writing blog, but we’ve got an interview feature up there today and really this trailer is one that I really like the sound of, so I thought I’d post here. I’m definitely getting the feeling that I’m going into a ‘vampire’ phase at the moment: True Blood Season 3 has been on the DVD player and I’ve got Season 4 on pre-order; my kindle has received a number of new books recently, many of which feature vamps and now, I see a trailer like this and think – “I want to read the book and see the film!”

The idea behind this is genius – I love it when people play around with the mythologies surrounding real people and so Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter? Of course – I’ll buy that 🙂