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Day 5 – Your ‘Comfort’ Book

This is my walk to the bookshelf, first choice pick every time, when I want to read something I don’t have to think about. When I just want to be transported off to somewhere else entirely, without really having to think about it.

I wonder if you’ve already guessed, given some of the earlier posts? ‘Tis Harry Potter – again!

Prisoner of AzkabanMy favourite of the series is The Prisoner of Azkaban – it has the mystery and fun of the ‘young’ Harry books, but because we’ve been there twice already, I think the development of the wizarding world is more encompassing in this book. I love the twist that comes with Lupin and Padfoot – And Scabbers? I don’t believe it!

This is also the last book I felt that school is still quite fun and, possibly, innocent for Harry. Even with dementors at the gates and a crazed killer on the loose, getting to Hogsmeade and Honeydukes sweet shop is still pretty high up on Harry’s to-do list. Perhaps because I felt like this about the book, I disliked the film on first viewing: it’s a lot darker than I felt it needed to be – we knew things were going to go down hill, but it was a bit more of a ‘sunset’ book than the shadowy world the film gave. On subsequent viewings, I’ll admit it has grown on me: I like the school banter and Malfoy’s manly screams when he’s attacked by Buckbeak – the classes do seem more like that official ‘first teenage year’ age group than I gave them credit for on first viewing. It was just too short – skipping over some of my favourite bits from the book (I love the Marauders Map) and the first run-through of the twists was too quick – blink and you miss-it moments for anyone not familiar with the story.

I actually watched the film of this over the weekend and now, after writing this, I feel like going over to the bookshelf and taking it down to read. Again.

Love it :) Crazy muggles

Love it 🙂 Crazy muggles