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Long time, no post

Happy new year! Time for a little catch up 🙂

It’s been a busy few months since my last post – mainly with life away from writing and after some good progress in September, things have stumbled a little since then on completing Cirque de la Nuit. I’m hoping it’s not too far off completion now, just a few more chapters and the joys of editing to contend with.

My new year report from Goodreads tells me that I’ve averaged reading one book a month in 2015, which is pretty pitiful for me. Blogging has had it’s peaks and troughs too – if only the Time Turner I got last Christmas really worked, I’d be able to get everything done (damn my Muggle-ness!)

Anyway, here’s to 2016, I hope it brings you all success in whatever you’re up to.

Mel x

PS – If you’ve not read my latest book The Rainbow Maker’s Tale, you can grab a FREE copy today until 3rd January, just click the link and send it to your Kindle 🙂


Song on Sunday – 5

A Song On Sunday is an original meme hosted by Emily at Confessions Of A Bookaholic. It’s simple to join in all you have to do is:

1. Pick a song that you loved this week
2. Match it with a book
3. Grab the button
4. Link back to Emily and leave a link so she can see your post


So for my Song on Sunday I’ve chosen…

…The Fun, We Are Young…

This song is an absolutely perfect match for David Steinberg’s book Last Stop This Town, which is about the experiences and changes life brings for a group of friends at the end of high school – the opening lines especially remind me of the party with chainsaws, kitty and just striking out! (Don’t worry – they’re all in different scenes). I’ve laughed a lot this week as I’ve read the book and so when I heard this song on the radio it just fitted nicely. If you like a bit of boy humour a la American Pie, but with a bit more feeling and depth then you should try it.

(Visit http://cusick-jones.com/giveaway.php this week and you can win one of five copies direct from the lovely author if you like the sound of it!)