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And this is why I write…

Everyone has their creative or artistic niche don’t they – the writer, the painter, the illustrator – and there are some lucky people who get morethan one of these skills. I am not one of those people – writing and a bit of dabbling (electronically) with book covers is my limit. If you are in any doubt to the truth of this, I present as Exhibit A my attempt at decorated gingerbread men (well, man and lady – you’ve got to have balance):

There’s just something weird that happens between the picture in my brain that I want things to look like, and what my hands actually manage to do. (The same goes for drawing, painting and pretty much any other artistic pursuit). A quick click-click on google and I discover some infinitely superior dressed gingerbread people to reinforce my theory…


But you know what, they still tasted good when I munched on their brains Walking Dead-style 🙂

Well, that’s how I’ve spent the last couple of hours, how’s your Saturday shaping up?image