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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Frederick Douglass

Thanks for the advice Fred. I appreciate it – I really do – I just wish there was a little more progress, a little less struggle. Any advice on how to get that?


During most of 2011 I was probably doing very little writing: I was having a very busy period at work as I recall and just got down to writing now and then when I had the chance. Once in a while I was probably sitting down with my dog-earred print out of Hope’s Daughter version 3, jotting in notes and re-reading for errors, but no significant work. It was only in September and October last year that I really got the chance to work on the book, finish it off and get it out there.

How has 2012 been different?

Because I released Hope’s Daughter at the start of the year, I found myself in a whole new world of blogs and readers, Goodreads and reviewers. It’s been a busy time 🙂

This year I’ve not just had to find time to write the next book and plan the others, I’ve been out and about trying to promote the first book; I discovered the wonderful world of book blogs, which have re-awoken the reader in me, and also meant that I’ve read a lot more than I have done in years. (Yep, pretty much watch nil TV these days, unless it’s out of the corner of my eye around a laptop or kindle). For the two blogs I started this year I’ve reviewed quite a lot, written content from an author perspective, as well as reader; run an author event in May and provided regular guest features on writing and books to (hopefully) inspire people a little. I’m also a mod for a group on Goodreads (a hermit one admittedly, who is probably very poor at getting stuff done, but I promise to be better!)

For my own writing, I’ve nearly finished the second book and am halfway through the third; I’ve designed the covers for the rest of the series so that they all work together, and made book trailers to go with most of them. There’s also ideas for two other stand-alone books that have popped into my head, which I definitely want to tackle after Ambrosia is finished.

What might 2013 hold?

I hope a little more writing of my books and a bit less elsewhere if I’m honest. Admittedly, trying to manage a couple of blogs, be good at social media (which I’m not very), keep up on Goodreads, read several books a week AND actually do any productive writing was probably a bit too much…but that’s how I get – I discover new things and want to do everything, see everything and get involved (think puppy and new tennis ball and that’s about right).

I’m hoping that Santa might have some time management skills and perspective in a little gift bag for me this year – I probably don’t need to do everything…and maybe the most important bit is to actually just get writing and let the other bits fall into place…?

Anyone, out there got this figured out better than me? 🙂 Happy holidays!!

Reading Challenges…Heaven or Hell?

Have many of you signed up for reading challenges this year? Up until recently I’d not really done anything too strenuous for this, just given myself the reasonable target of reading a book a week, so 52 for 2012 on the Goodreads challenge…but then there was the March Dystopia challenge (which was just five books for my target) and I got through them. It was quite nice to blast through some books from the tbr pile, looking at what everyone else was reading and chatting about the BotM.

I thought that might be enough, but it seems that challenges of all shapes and sizes exist and they’re very popular with fans of sites like Goodreads and feature on book blogs all over the place. There is no way I’ll be able to read with the speed that some people do (one girl did over thirty books in a month for one challenge!) but they are actually a very good way of focusing your reading in a particular area and encouraging you to blast through a few books. I imagine that for some readers and especially book bloggers this could be very useful and motivating 🙂

Taking part in the challenges is also a really good way to meet other bloggers and readers with similar book tastes, find new blogs you might want to follow (as with blog hosted challenges you report back your reviews and reads) and basically have a bit of fun reading books you enjoy anyway. So, with that said, what am I going to be doing? Well, I know I can’t read that many books, because if I did I’d never write anything of my own again 🙂 But in Goodreads Group Books, Blogs, Authors and More we’ve created an ‘Reading Olympics Challenge’ – yes, participation in this is about as sporty as I’ll be getting this year – and so I’m entering a few ‘events’ there, which are great as they allow a variety of books. I also really liked the sound of Auggie-Talk’s ‘Heavenly Challenge’ (plus the button is gorgeous!) and as a recent convert to this genre, I think I’ll tackle this too. Besides that I’ll not commit myself now, but you never know, I do like a challenge! 😉