Getting Started (October 2011)

]]> 10/10/2011 8:10:25 PM
So here you go – post one!

I’m busy plodding through my fourth (and hopefully final) full re-draft of Hope’s Daughter. It’s pretty hard at this stage as I know I’m close to the end and you really want it done, but then you procrastinate about tiny details, knowing that these are the last changes you can make. But we’re nearly there, so fingers crossed I’ll be done for the end of November at the latest.

In the meantime, am pretty sure I’ve got the artwork sorted for the cover design, which feels quite exciting to see, especially given that I’m the kind of person who can’t draw stick men particularly well.

Now all I need to do is stop getting distracted by other things like life and reading other people’s books and the impending Christmas holidays…



A new blog…

I’ve decided to move my author blog over to wordpress instead of having it connected to the website. It’s just easier for updating as I don’t have to go through loads of logins and screens just to add a little random thought. There’s also a lot more features here to play with, so that seemed the better option.

So…bear with me while I get historic stuff moved across and hopefully I’ll be up and running soon.