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Pin of the Week – 9: Know his name

Harry potter There isn’t much that isn’t great about Harry Potter and there are so many things to quote.

 As a ‘visual’ quote – I love that all it takes is a pair of glasses to know who this is about. But, my favourite thing about this is who actually said the words…

 Professor McGonagall always said divination was a waste of time, but in the first book, she made the most accurate prediction of them all – both within the wizarding world and outside it. 


World Book Day…Inspiration for YOU

So, it’s here again – Happy World Book Day to you 🙂

I can’t tell whether this is growing in popularity each year, or just that I am coming across more people who are getting involved with it: teaching friends sorting out their costumes to wear for school (hello Katniss and Frodo – you look great today!) What a great day for writers, readers and anyone really – seeing the enjoyment, inspiration and interest people get from books on a day like today can help you see, that in a world of social media, reality TV, internet and HD gaming – books still hold their own.

If you ask me about my favourite books from childhood, I can reel them off. Ask me my favourite computer game? I’d struggle to decide – and that’s not because I didn’t waste huge amounts of time playing games or watching TV… It’s just that none of those things moved me or had the influence over me that books did. Even with children today, with all the choices they have, books still come right at the top of the list, even though they might not realise it. Start quoting funny riddling rhymes from Doctor Seuss and alot of them will join right in – would the same happen if you quoted a character from a kids game like Skylanders? Probably not.

Anyway, I’m not dressing up today (unfortunately) – but instead, I’ve collected together some of the coolest things I’ve seen today to celebrate World Book Day. Check them out and hopefully they’ll bring you some inspiration or entertainment 🙂

Beautiful Book CoverYou know how I love Pinterest – take a look at this fantastic  pinboard of beautiful book covers by Jennifer Cownie. She covers a huge range of styles and techniques – inspiration for your next book cover? Hopefully!

World Book Day Logo

World Book Day has a huge official site, filled with ideas to help you celebrate today, as well as details of events taking place and inspiration for writers – mainly young – but you never know, you may just learn something simple that sticks with you! (I learned something new about grammar from Alphablocks a few months ago and it was just the way they did it that made more sense than my A-levels in English – who knew?)


Want to see kids enjoying books? Then check out some of these fabulous costumes, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper. My personal favourites? Stickman – I LOVE Julia Donaldson books, and this costume is brilliant; and Hairy Maclary the dog (pictured).

Pin of the Week – 8: Creativity is Contagious

Not a surprise to see me posting Einstein quotes as a favourite pin 🙂 I have his quotes on my desk at work, as well as in pride of place in my little writing corner at home. I love that such a great scientific mind understood the value of creativity and imagination, as well as logic and intelligence.


When it comes to Pinterest, I probably pin Quotes above everything else – so much so that I’ve had to start separating them out onto new boards dedicated to particular areas: Life, Quoting Films and Music, Literary Quotes…  So much to pin, so little time! 🙂

Pin of the Week – 7: Second Breakfast Club

Second Breakfast Club Combining two of the best things in my geek life: 80s movies and Tolkien. There are lots of good nerd-ery mash-ups on Pinterest, so I don’t expect this to be the only one I post as a pin of the week. If this were a t-shirt and not a guys vest, I would absolutely want this 🙂

I do think I have some hobbit genetics in my lineage (and no, not that I am short and have hairy feet!) When it comes to food, I can definitely do the breakfast like a king thing, when I’m not working: first breakfast, second breakfast, brunch and then elevenses… Sets me up for the day and then I don’t really need much else.

Pin of the Week – 6: ‘Attention Issues’

My pin for the week today comes from my ‘Smiles and Laughs’ board – and quite simply, I stick stuff on here that makes me smile or laugh, when it doesn’t fit onto one of my other (ever expanding) collection of boards. Any why did I find this funny? Because, it’s pretty much true for me 🙂 (Just ask my sister!) Attention issues meme

Pin of the Week – 1

In 2014, I picked up a bit of a pinterest habit – for anyone who loves words and quotes, there are just too many to like! So, I thought I’d share here with you my favourites each week – because you’re a sophisticated bunch and will hopefully like them too 🙂

So, to get us started, here’s a nice quote on books, from Stephen King – because he knows a thing or two about them…