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Life Quotes…

Quote The local radio station I listen to on the way to work has a feature where one of the presenters shares a cheesy ‘life quote’  each day, usually for the others to mock. You know the kind of ones…that if you said them out loud, rather than in your head, you’d probably feel a bit silly. (A bit like this one).

I can understand people liking quotes like these, maybe even finding some strength in the words that they relate to themselves…they’re just not for me really. But, I doubt you’d find a writer who doesn’t like quotes at all: they’re like little pieces of word art that you can hang inside your head 🙂 And with pinterest and the amount of ‘word art’ you see in shops these days, it’s easy to see that words as art is more popular than ever.

I have to admit, I am quite partial to quotes about creativity, inspiration and the weirdness of life… Several of my favourites – like this from Einstein – are on the walls around my little desk (my writing cave/corner), mixed in with ones that are aimed at getting me writing and not procrastinating.


You know the type: “What are you waiting for?” “Do more of what makes you happy” Sometimes you have to be tough with yourself to get anything done!

To stop me collecting quotes on my wall, like the books on my shelves, I’ve taken to popping them on to a Pinterest board whenever I come across them (if you’re interested, you can see the type of thing that makes it here); or the little quote feature in Goodreads is pretty nifty for collecting any of the writerly ones you come across there.



2017…I plan to read

I saw this today on Pinterest and thought it might be worth giving it a try. It’s still a pretty loose guide to what you’ll read and I’ve got my own ongoing ’empty the bedside table’ challenge and ‘clear the kindle’, which would fit around this.

I quite like the idea of something that nudges me to read something a bit different, without being too prescriptive. Some of the books in my own challenges will fit into this plan (I think) so I’m going to give it a go. The pin is saved below for you, to see if you fancy trying it too.

For January’s book, I’ll need to have a quick trawl through my shelves and see what I fancy re-reading. It’s been a long time since I looked at some of those books…


Pin of the Week – 16: Time for some inspiration

I just had a flick back through the recent ‘pins of the week’ and it’s been a while since I shared one of my favourites on creativity/inspiration. As I’ve been doing well getting on with writing recently, it seems a good time for a visual kick of inspiration, courtesy of Pinterest… (As you know, you can never have enough Einstein quotes 😉 He was pretty smart, you know).


Pin of the Week – 15: For the love of books

Dr Seuss I never had Dr Seuss books as a child, perhaps they weren’t as popular in the UK then…? Who knows, but I think if I had come across them in the library, I would have read and loved them.

As it is, I’ve only recently had the chance to read his books – and how good are they? I have to admit, I don’t really like the live-action film versions (Cat in the Hat / The Grinch) – but the cartoons aren’t bad, like The Lorax. 

But, it’s the books themselves that are great – if you enjoy your Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll nonsense rhyming, then Dr Seuss would be right up your street.

And if you’re a little bookworm like me, wouldn’t you like this picture on your wall? 🙂

Pin of the Week – 14: It’s Avengers Time!

Ooh, I fell off the pinning bandwagon for a couple of weeks there. Not that I stopped pinning – I just didn’t make it over to WordPress to share my favourites of the week with you.

The Avengers Dancing Whilst I was off ‘being busy’ I did manage to see the fantastic new Avengers film – Age of Ultron – and as a Marvel comic, Buffy loving, superhero fan, the films don’t come much better than this!

So, what better to share from my pin board this week than TWO of my favourite Avengers-themed pins (*whispers* because there are just so many of them).


avengersSo, which do you think is best? Dancing Avengers or cutie cartoon ones… I have to admit, I can’t decide, which is why I shared both.

In the image, I love it that Thor is cuddling Loki, whilst Hulk has him by the ankle (“Puny god” 🙂 he he he). And Tony and Hawkeye are spot-on too.


Pin of the Week – 13: Life and Love

Ted Hughes


As a literary student (former, current? It’s a state of mind 🙂 Probably) poetry is one of the areas I will admit that I often overlook. I can reel off the novelists I love and the books that I read and re-read, but if I’m honest my sphere of knowledge on poetry is somewhat lacking. Although usually much shorter than a book, I find poetry, for me, is often less accessible – unless it’s a limmerick 😉

Conversely, with children’s books, I find that my favourites are usually poetic – obviously, I’m a conflicted person.

Anyway, of the few poets I actively choose to read, Ted Hughes is one of my favourites and here this is one of my favourite quotes from him, on life and love.

Pin of the Week- 12: An inspirational man

One of my Pinterest boards is ‘People’, which simply showcases a mixture of famous people I admire from actors and actresses, to writers and scientists. In general, I try to pick photographs of them that say something about the person they come across as, to me; where they appear normal, ‘real’… Usually I pick ones where they look genuinely happy, or are doing the thing they loved. Gene Kelly, flying through the air mid-dance… Sylvia Plath reading in her study, surrounded by books…

SupermanThere are several pictures of Christopher Reeve on this board, in his Superman/Clark Kent role, which I always loved as a kid. In addition to being a great actor, he was such an inspirational character, perhaps even more so after the accident which changed his life.

When I was pinning a picture of his the other day, I came across the attached letter that he’d sent to a teacher and his class at school and felt it should be shared. It says a lot about him as person.

Pin of the Week – 10: Beautiful World

One of my largest boards on Pinterest is ‘Beautiful World’ – with images of all the fantastic places I’ve been lucky enough to get to in my life, but in general, places I hope I get to see someday. Top of the location pin list (at a quick glance) are Iceland and America. The landscapes in Iceland are just so unusual and extreme that it could almost be another planet altogether; with America, it is the diversity of the geography that gets it pinned so often.

Here’s one of my most recent pins: Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona – from a list of the ‘Top 27 locations in USA that tourists want to visit.” I guess by pinning it, that makes me one of them 🙂

Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona