‘Thank you’ to Bloggers


Coincidentally, another Melanie seems to appreciate bloggers too! 🙂

I’ve just been doing a little ‘spring cleaning’ on my laptop today, tidying up the bookmarks that I keep on here relating to all things books: I have YA book blogger lists, MG/kids blogger lists, blogs on writing that I follow as well as other general writing resources.

For once, instead of dipping in and out of blogs based on what Twitter flashed up at me and made me go ‘Ooh shiny shiny!’ *click* I started at the top of my list (around 40 YA blogs) and I began running down from the top, to see who was out there from when I first started blogging and reading blogs myself, back in 2011… There are six active blogs left posting today. Just six.

Some of the blogs that have gone were ‘big’ to me – they had between 1000-10,000 regular followers and the bloggers who ran them took part in everything from read/reviews to author giveaways, features, blog tours, interviews. Some of the blogs had hundreds of posts, reviewing hundreds of books, which will have meant thousands of hours reading and preparing posts…

I know how easy it is to beat yourself up when it comes to blogging: it starts out as a hobby, an extension of something you love (in my case reading and writing!) that you want to share with the wider world and it can very quickly snowball into a job. (One you don’t get paid for, funnily enough!)  If you already have a full time job, are in school, (have any kind of life), or maybe even trying to write yourself, maintaining a blog and keeping your passion for it can be difficult. It sets you objectives: what to post, what to read, running a giveaway, responding to emails/requests…

In recent years I had to choose, for my own available time – and maybe my sanity, a little – to reduce what I blogged on my own YA blog asidefromwriting.com because I couldn’t keep up with the pace needed. We used to run an annual Indie Author Month, but the volume of work to co-ordinate 30 authors and features for a one month block became absolutely impossible for me. I feel bad looking at it today – I really need to post some things in there! Even on my author blog, where I tend to post mainly now, I struggle to deliver new posts and content, because if I write here then I don’t write my own books.

And this is why I’m saying ‘thank you’ to the other book bloggers that are out there. It is a hard hobby you have set yourself and can often feel thankless, or like you’re writing to no one, but you aren’t – you are still writing for yourself, sharing what you love and helping people, authors probably more than readers, in the ever-growing world of books and e-books.

Please don’t let it become so much of a chore that you eventually turn your back on your blog – let it quiet down and give yourself some space, if you need it. Post less frequently and let the pressure off until you feel the spark return. Your readers will still be there, as will the books to read, it’s important that your blog is about you and what you wanted to share in the first place.

Most of the blogs I’ve seen today that disappeared lasted between 12-24months… If you’ve made it past that, then you’ve done an amazing job because this shows how hard being a blogger can be. If you’ve only been blogging for a week, I still say thank you – because you’re starting something that means something to you 🙂 keep it up!

Best wishes for 2018 and beyond x x

Blogging is HARD



5 thoughts on “‘Thank you’ to Bloggers

  1. Becky (Blogs of a Bookaholic)

    Blogging is hard work! I have certainly ended up taking an BIG unplanned break for various reasons and my blog has laid dormant for probably around a year.

    I’m still hoping to return to it though! One of the biggest hindrances is that I have been without a laptop which has made things rather difficult.

    Thanks for saluting the bloggers. We certainly need it sometimes! Back at you also. 🙂

    1. mel Post author

      I think whether the break was planned or not, it’s allowed 🙂 You’ve been really busy the last few years doing uni and everything – and blogging is good, it isn’t ‘life’…

      A lot of bloggers follow other bloggers – a la me following you – and so I think we get how tough it can be to balance everything, so they’re always there whether you post every week or once in a year.


      (PS – saw your latest post, nice review)

  2. morganas book box

    You know what? You’re very welcome. I just saw your post recommended under my own ‘The art of surviving as a book blogger’ post and just had to see what your post was about. Thank you so much for taking your time to post this.
    I started book blogging back in 2009 and have seen (what I considered ) big shot bloggers vanish, becoming inactive over night after so many hard years working the indie book mill. Some of these ladies ( when I asked ) said book blogging became a chore and eventually became an unforgiving burden. Lack of recognition was also a problem and reason why they quit. Reading your post has done wonders for my emotional household. Thank you💜

    1. mel Post author

      Glad it helped 🙂

      I definitely ebb and flow when it comes to blogging – early on I had some very intense years where it really did become a chore and sometimes lack of understanding from people who used the blog as guests to really get involved and make it easy for you didn’t help. I’ve dropped into a mid-ground now where I post when I can and when I really feel like I have something to say, otherwise I’m trying to keep my writing time to getting the words into my current WIP, otherwise I never get anywhere.

      Good luck with the blog and keep going x x


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