I found this today, typed onto a piece of paper and pushed between some books on a dusty shelf I was clearing out. It feels familiar to me, like I wrote it… but at the same time I can’t actually remember specifically writing this.



10 thoughts on “‘Thinking’

  1. karenringalls

    How often do we look at trees and flowers and think about how sad and barren our world would be without them?

    1. mel Post author

      It’s not often people take the time to stop and look, for anything.

      I find it funny how the smallest of things in life get exaggerated to huge proportions, when they don’t often mean much. In the grand scheme of things, what we take for granted are actually the big things…the stuff that could really make or break our lives.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Mel x

    1. mel Post author

      It really is strange finding old stuff you’ve written. I can’t think why I would have printed this out particularly, above other doodling things I write.


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