Ten Ways to Promote Your Book

I’m a bit of a sucker for infographics (if you take a look at some of my Pinterest boards you’ll get the idea!) and when I saw this one, I thought it was worth sharing.

All of the tips sound simple and straight-forward enough – the most successful approaches usually are the easiest – I think success with these comes from consistency and doing them in a co-ordinated way. If you put the effort into a book launch, make sure your online presence reflects this and ties in…is it on your blog, Facebook and being promoted on Twitter with good links between them so your audience find the right feature? And rather than just pushing the event itself, think about sharing with people what it’s like organising the event – what has been fun and exciting, what has been challenging – is it what you expected? In general, people seem to like the human elements of what you’re doing, a lot more than a series of similar promoting tweets – your blog is a window for people to see into your life as a writer, it should be real.

Preparing yourself for a blog tour when you launch your book is a great way to get attention and readers – even if you don’t get a review at each blog, just posting with them will give you exposure. And a lot of bloggers seem to like having interesting, interactive guests – if you imagine how time consuming it can be for people to generate content for their blogs, if you can make it easy for them to feature you, they are a lot more likely to say yes 🙂

How to promote your book...

How to promote your book…

Originally featured on BookBaby – click the link to view alongside their article:


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