Random Post – Sharing your words

A funny thing happens when you write a book and put it out into the world for people to read. Now and again, people will take your words and do something with them that you weren’t expecting. And that surprises you.

Not long ago, I was trying to update my website with blog posts I’d featured in and Googled my name to check I hadn’t missed any. (Side-thought: do you make the ‘G’ a capital letter, when you’re using Google as a verb? Dilemma…) A couple of things popped up that I’d never seen before: a quote from one of my books being used on a promo for a dating website ‘Meetville.com’:

Love is having someone to do nothing with


And it seems to be one of my more popular quotes, featuring in other places too…

Another dating service: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/568438784188184705/

Inspiration for a photo-blogger, which I thought was pretty cool! 🙂 http://365.mollysdailykiss.com/day-180-marketing/



The thing that got me thinking about this today, was the tweet I accidentally ran across which features an image inspired by a quotation from the currently unpublished Outlanders (link to Twitter is below the picture). The actual quote from the book is: “Mad – empty – crazy – lost – dying… I was all of these things and nothing as well, because even though I breathed and moved, I was not alive.” The picture is based on the highlighted part…



Post by: Phoenix Rising @nicratwoman

What was a little freaky is that the picture used could be an absolute match to a major scene that happens later in the book – a scene that has not been published, or hinted at anywhere (outside my head) and which does not actually generate the quotation from the book that the person used to inspire the image.

Now that is random! 🙂 Maybe even spooky…

Incidentally, the same quote was also used by Susan Noyes Anderson, inspiring her poem ‘Fade to Gray’, which you can read here: http://susannoyesandersonpoems.com/2012/08/30/fade-to-gray/

It’s really interesting to see what another creative person – the poet, photographer, musician – does with something that you wrote in a particular context, and how the same words turn into something new.


As a writer has this happened to you? What have your words or blog posts inspired? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Post – Sharing your words

  1. TonyT

    Becky from Blogs of a Bookaholic reviewed a book of mine a few years ago, and she added a ‘memorable quote’. That was…surreal reading that. Very, very surreal. She added it to the quotes section on Goodreads as well, which is even stranger – it pops up everytime I log on in, down in the corner.

    I remember someone saying how utterly bizarre it was to have his dialogue spoken out loud for the first time when it was turned into a movie. Most of the time, after all, we only ever hear it in our heads, both as readers and writers, and only have a mental image of the characters.

    That’s very cool you’re getting some coverage, as random as it is!

    The “Love is…” quote is excellent, it’s well worth repeating and remembering.


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