Here’s Johnny! An actor prepares…

Random surfing this week and I came across this video on a Twitter feed. I always liked The Shining and wrote a piece on it when I was at Uni – Duality, Duplicity and Double-Narrative in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
just in case you were wondering 🙂 – which means I’ve watched it a bunch of times and then some.

I do love these kind of videos, where you get to see the reality behind the performance, especially when it’s one you’re very familiar with. I’m really rubbish at acting – think piece of wood on a stage, with make-up on, saying words like a robot – but as someone who is creative in another field, I love seeing and hearing how someone creates themselves as a new character, the processes they go through, to bring out the details and reality, just like I might write and then re-write a scene to give it believable depth. I’ve seen some excellent, lengthy videos on this type of thing by other actors, but I quite like Jack’s “I’m evil, I’m an axe killer,” bouncing up and down technique. Simple and to the point; although it’s his slow, quiet, non-manic bits in these scenes that I think are the most disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny! An actor prepares…

  1. TonyT

    Have you ever seen the TV movie remake with Stephen Weber and Rebecca De Mornay?

    I think it’s fascinating the way actors even use their costume to get into the role. I think it was the actor who played in Superman Returns who said when he put on the cape and the S, suddenly he stood straighter and taller.

    1. mel Post author

      I did see the TV version – as a conversion of the book, I thought it was much better than the Jack Nicholson film. But if you take the film as a stand alone piece, ignoring the original material, I think it’s superior to both in other ways. What did you think?


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