Pin of the Week – 8: Creativity is Contagious

Not a surprise to see me posting Einstein quotes as a favourite pin 🙂 I have his quotes on my desk at work, as well as in pride of place in my little writing corner at home. I love that such a great scientific mind understood the value of creativity and imagination, as well as logic and intelligence.


When it comes to Pinterest, I probably pin Quotes above everything else – so much so that I’ve had to start separating them out onto new boards dedicated to particular areas: Life, Quoting Films and Music, Literary Quotes…  So much to pin, so little time! 🙂



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3 responses to “Pin of the Week – 8: Creativity is Contagious

  1. Have you always been an Einstein-ian? I’m more of a Feynman and Sagan fan. 🙂

    • mel

      I do like his quotes, more than anyone else’s – I tend to read something and say “oh, I love that!” and then find that it’s another one from Einstein.

      We’ve recently done a personality/mind profiling thing at work and Einstein was listed as one of the famous people with my profile type – so perhaps I like them so much because they align with my way of thinking (not that I’m a science genius!)

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