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Writers Words of Wisdom

I came across this post this week, showcasing famous quotes from writers who died in 2014, and thought it was worth sharing. Some amazing authors passed away last year – Maya Angelou remains a favourite of mine after I was introduced to her writing during high school English – and this article features some of their most memorable and inspiring words. Click the link below to see the feature.Maya Angelou quote


Pin of the Week – 3: Adventure or tea?

imageAs a fan of tea and literature, who wouldn’t appreciate Peter Pan’s excellent time management skills, putting tea in it’s rightful place?

If you love this too, you can grab your own real world copy at –

Pin of the Week – 1

In 2014, I picked up a bit of a pinterest habit – for anyone who loves words and quotes, there are just too many to like! So, I thought I’d share here with you my favourites each week – because you’re a sophisticated bunch and will hopefully like them too 🙂

So, to get us started, here’s a nice quote on books, from Stephen King – because he knows a thing or two about them…



Just some random surfing on a Sunday afternoon and I come across this on the lovely Reading Ape’s site… Who knew you had almost as many countries with a McDonalds, as there are locations around the world that you can become fast food yourself, for a great white shark? I do like quirky factoids like these.

And this is why I write…

Everyone has their creative or artistic niche don’t they – the writer, the painter, the illustrator – and there are some lucky people who get morethan one of these skills. I am not one of those people – writing and a bit of dabbling (electronically) with book covers is my limit. If you are in any doubt to the truth of this, I present as Exhibit A my attempt at decorated gingerbread men (well, man and lady – you’ve got to have balance):

There’s just something weird that happens between the picture in my brain that I want things to look like, and what my hands actually manage to do. (The same goes for drawing, painting and pretty much any other artistic pursuit). A quick click-click on google and I discover some infinitely superior dressed gingerbread people to reinforce my theory…


But you know what, they still tasted good when I munched on their brains Walking Dead-style 🙂

Well, that’s how I’ve spent the last couple of hours, how’s your Saturday shaping up?image

2014 My blog, in review

You’ll have seen lots of these little reports popping up around blogs over the last week or so I’m sure – we’re all getting the same message “The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog…” that intrigues us and makes us look back at what 2014 was like on your blog.

I’ve enjoyed reading these for the blogs I follow and seeing how they’ve posted, and sometimes, changed during the year – blog evolution, I suppose.

When I’ve looked back at mine, I had a more ‘eclectic’ year than before: I tended to post as and when I felt like it and not taken part in as many of the blog events as I have in previous years. It was a busy year, with less writing than normal, with the exception of NaNoWriMo month in November, but I think I actually blogged a little more than before. Talking about writing, rather than actually doing it – effective, eh? 🙂

Anyway, I’m not the type to do resolutions, why wait for January to make a change? But there are a couple of things I like the idea of doing in 2015 – so watch this space to see if I manage to do them!

Happy new year! Here’s to a blogging good 2015 x

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.