Nanowrimo Day 10: Captain’s Slog

A fellow NaNo author’s experience and getting out of a writing slump, if you fall into one this year.

He’s definitely not alone in the NaNo slump – I got myself ahead of word count in the first couple of weeks and had – dare I say it – three days off last week!

This author seems to write in a similar way to me – I like to write all the big, exciting, important bits (which flow nice and naturally) and then go back through to join them together. My main struggle this year has been when I got bogged down in the bridging stuff to get my main character from one part to another, when I just wanted to write the exciting action stuff. I also find, that if I’m getting stuck, I start to mini-edit which then affects the flow as well…

In the end, after my break early last week I’ve skipped writing in order, in favour of doing the big stuff again. I had quite a few one-shots drafted in my note books as well, which I’ve typed up and used as prompts to get me going into a scene – always helpful to have old notes, for when your writing mojo abandons you 🙂

Anyway – check out the post to see how NaNo is for someone else

Mel x

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Day 10: Captain’s Slog

  1. Cole

    Wow – thanks for the reblog. I’m glad that androgynising my name has had the desired effect, but I’m a “she” 🙂 This was actually my first time writing all the big bits first, and it was mainly because I got so stuck. I hope you’ve seen the follow up to that post about what got me unstuck 😉

    I really appreciate the acknowledgement and good luck for this last week of stupidness (*intended word abuse*)

    1. mel Post author

      Ahh – sorry, yes I did fall into the he/she trap 🙂 I came to your post via another NaNo author’s post

      Best wishes to you too for the last leg – may the odds be ever in your favour 😉


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