NaNo Stats!

If you’re at all interested, now that I’ve updated my word count on the NaNo site, I’ve got some lovely stats to show me how November has gone…
Your Average Per Day – 1,921
Words Written Today – 287
Target Average Words Per Day – 1,667
Total Words Written – 46,109
Words Remaining – 3,891
Current Day – 23
Days Remaining – 8
At This Rate You Will Finish On – November 27, 2014
Words Per Day To Finish On Time – 556

2 thoughts on “NaNo Stats!

  1. TonyT

    Interesting how that breaks down. 1,900 words is four pages of A4 a day (at about 500 words a page). A short story a day!

    Is there a bar graph to show you words per day, for instance? (Obviously, there wouldn’t be in you case, since you threw all the stats in at once; I just wondered generally.)

    1. mel Post author

      Hi Tony – there is a bar chart that shows you daily against the average needed to achieve the 50k in 30 days. I was able to load up most of my days, so they could create the bar chart, as I had recorded the word count each morning and posted it with my ‘inspirational’ picture of the day.

      Normally, I find the stats thing helpful in pushing me on, but actually, after forgetting about it altogether I think I’ve done better this year than last. Keeping the bigger ’50k’ figure in my mind has probably kept me going longer on some days, rather than focusing on getting the 1667 per day done – so when I’ve had a couple of days off, it’s not had as big an impact on my overall word count.


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