Day 4 – Just keep swimming

S King - One day at a time

I really like this quote from Stephen King. Similar to the one from Saturday, it just reinforces that doing a little of something over and over again, will give you something big in the end.

Today, I feel OK – I’ve had some pretty intense writing days over the weekend, which is when I get most of my free time and so today I’m just chipping away. If I was a Disney character today, I would be Dory from Finding Nemo – telling myself, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” The little bits I do today are all contributing to the big step forward my book will take this month.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Just keep swimming

  1. TonyT

    I wrote about a hundred words last night, probably none of which will end up in the next draft. Felt good to be in the world and walking with the protagonist though…sometimes, like the quote says, just keep swimming.

    1. mel Post author

      🙂 I know the value of ‘throw away scenes’ – sometimes you’ve got to write the stuff that you’ll never use, to get to the good bits underneath, that only come when you’re in the flow


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