Does every writer have these?

A funny list that made me smile, mainly as I have several of these in exactly the numbers specified 🙂

Do you have any of these? Or can you guess which of them I have?


Found at:






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6 responses to “Does every writer have these?

  1. Okay, so I have the pens (despite the fact I do most of my writing on my computer), the notebooks and two blogs. Other than that… :))

    • mel

      Ah ha 🙂 The pens and notebooks are also ones I have – I do use the notebooks, but put random stuff in them and can never find what I want when I come to type it up

      • I do understand! But one must not leave the house without something to write on and with. Also, some of the café tables outside are not conducive to laptops… 😉 This is rural France after all!

  2. Lol, love this, so true. Shared x

  3. Reblogged this on normaaroy and commented:
    This is funny because its so true 😀

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