Day 1 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just end already

billvampireteethlolOh, Charlaine, why did you have to do this? It would have been nice to see Sookie, Eric and co. disappear off into the sunset, really not long after the ‘vampire conference’ disaster at the hotel, I suppose. I think it was somewhere around Book 9 I really began to lose interest in reading the series – I’ve actually enjoyed the TV adaptation better in some ways, as they blend the plots from the books together faster, so they have more pace (the books can sometimes be slow) and you get much better character development in the TV series, as you’re not stuck with a single character point of view – let’s face it, after a while Sookie sucks, and not in a cool vampire way.

SookieUnfortunately, it did not stop at Book 9, number 10 came and then Dead Reckoning as number 11. Oh dear. *shakes head*

The things I liked best about the Sookie Stackhouse books were the setting and the original view of bringing vampires out into the world: I loved synthetic blood and people trying to get their hands on vampire blood for themselves (reversing the tradition), the idea of trying to integrate another species into society and all of the issues it creates. At the beginning it was quite interesting.

Dead Reckoning destroyed any hope I had for the series – I rated it 2*, following a steady decline from 4* to 3*. Here’s my review – short and (not so) sweet:

“I really enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse books and read most of the series back-to-back having received the 10 book set for Christmas. By book 9 / 10 I was beginning to lose my appetite for them a little: the characters stopped doing some of the more significant things they had early in the series and it felt like there wasn’t much for them to do now. If that was the case with Book 10 – this was so much worse. I was just disappointed with the bland plot, slightly boring characters and was glad to be finished at the end. Pam was probably the only redeeming feature, and she was a shadow of her former self. I think Sookie is done 😦  ”

Cookie is MineOnce great characters were sucked dry (not literally, if they had been it might have bucked things up a bit) and formed a bland cast in a plot that rambled from one mediocre situation to another. I’ve just seen now that a further two books have been released since I read this one, but I can honestly say, I’ve finished with the books. It’s a shame that good books get dragged out longer than they should; although I still like Sookie’s world and the TV series, just knowing the naff stuff that came after leaves a bit of a shadow over them.

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