Day 7 – The ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Book

There are a few I could have chosen for this – after all, who doesn’t have things that they just enjoy – without them being intellectual or worthy or even universally liked. You already know I enjoyed Twilight when I first read it, and I’ve read it several times since and still like it – I’m (pretty) sure it’s not a crime 🙂

There are books I’ve read in the past, that I appreciate for their artistry or the authors skill, but didn’t necessarily enjoy – and they’ve often won the big awards like Pulitzers and Nobel prizes – I make the effort to read them, but I don’t close the book at the end with a big grin on my face. Does that mean they’re not a good book? Or does simply enjoying a book make it less worthy…?

I suppose for a long time, I had a ‘guilty pleasure’ author – he was my go-to author when I bought books at the airport to read on holiday, and I always enjoyed his writing, no matter what the subject matter: Michael Crichton. I’ve spent days beside the pool or cramped up on an endless plane journey lost in worlds of dinosaur theme parks, hi-tech time travel, big business sex scandals and conspiracy theory plane crashes. One of the most interesting things in his books was always the research – he normally listed the journals, textbooks, professors and universities at the back of each book who had helped him to understand the theories and science that he fictionalised in his books.

The Da Vinci Code

One of my biggest guilty pleasure books – that comes to mind – is The Da Vinci Code. It is one of those books that you notice the cheesy dialogue and convenient romantic relationships as you read (very James Bond-esque a la Roger Moore) – but you don’t care, because you’re caught up in the plot and are more interested in that, rather than whether Robert Langdon is throwing out cheddar-filled chat-up lines. As book, I prefer  Angels and Demons and in general, it feels less cheesy and a little more gritty – with various unpleasant deaths. On that basis – although I prefer the other, I don’t think it fits the ‘guilty pleasure’ category, as well as Da Vinci does. When you notice the cheese and just don’t care, surely that is the bit you feel guilty about? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – The ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Book

  1. TonyT

    Michael Crichton is always good for a bit of escapism. His research always seems so first rate that everything *seems* conceivable. It took me a while to realise “The Andromeda Strain” WAS fiction.

    1. mel Post author

      I actually had that with Andromeda as well, even though I’d read several of his before, I thought it was based on a true story


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