Blast from the Past – The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard

I’ve just been mooching around Goodreads, pretending I’m doing something productive with this Saturday morning, and I saw this book in one of the sidebars. It just had to be clicked, for the little reader inside me…

Apart from sharing my name with the author – which was very exciting for me when I was eleven years old! – this was one of the first books I read that ‘sucker punched’ me at the end, with the twist. These days I would probably see it coming a mile away, because I’ve read lots of books in the years in between and can hopefully see the breadcrumbs authors drop in for you, but I always remember this book as the one that made me go – “Wow – I didn’t see that coming.”

At eleven years old, although I’d read a lot, there had not been much with a misleading narrator, where their point of view limits the reality of the story. Nowadays, I still love this as a device…because no matter how hard you try – you always want to believe the character you’re reading about, you want to believe that they see everything. Between 11 and 13 Point Horror books became my go-to choice for what would probably be considered tween or young YA thrillers these days. Tankersley Cusick remained one of my favourite authors in this series as well – but after reading ‘The Lifeguard’ I’ve always remained suspicious about narrators and authors themselves, I suppose…

So it gets 5* from me – for my eleven year old self 🙂


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