Am I resolved? Erm…

I’m not very good at New Year resolutions – I don’t really see the point, although that’s not because I think I’m perfect! 😛 Like most people, I’m not overly good at actually changing myself. Change at work or in things I enjoy is exciting, but changing something about yourself? That’s pretty tough – if not impossible.

Bad habits…? I’m lucky enough not to smoke, so I don’t need to quit. I could do with exercising more, but I’m not a massive gym fan – maybe Just Dance 2014 will help me to boogie my way to a fitter me? In general, the only thing I would really like, and would be inclined to put some real effort into, would be getting more time – time to write, time to read and spend time with family and do the good things in life. Is that possible?

In my 2013 new year post, I vowed to write more; read, promote and blog less – mainly because I found that in 2012, I spent so much time doing the latter, it didn’t help me write much and I don’t think it sold a huge amount of books! Also, like many authors, I got into this because I wanted to write. Although I really love the blogging stuff, which is writing in a different guise, I still feel guilty when I spend time on the blog, when I could be jotting down a scene or doing some edits…

So, my plan for 2014, is hopefully to achieve more of the same as I did in 2013: I’ve got Outlanders to complete and release, and have already started book 4, so have that in the pipeline – but I’d also really like to get on with the two NaNo ideas I started in November…There’s no way I’ll get to all of that, but if I just get one done, I’ll be happy (and if I solve the ‘time’ issue, I’ll let you know!)

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