Where to now? It’s NaNo time :)

QuoteAfter finally getting to the end of editing RMT and letting it out into the world, I’ve been debating what to do for NaNoWriMo in 2013. Last year I worked on Outlanders during November, but as I already know I have quite a lot of work to do there, I fancy something short and sweet to give me a creative boost before I zoom off into the next big project of completing Ambrosia 3.
There are a couple of stand-alone novels I’ve been thinking about for a while – one is a contemporary romance with a twist, another is a modern gothic horror YA – they’ve both been trundling around my head over the past few months and I definitely want to get them written, but then I got ambushed a couple of weeks ago by this new idea 🙂 and I think this is what I’ll be doing for NaNo in 2013.

It started out just with a few images, an idea of a few of the characters and some witty banter – then BAM! I’m right into the thick of it: the plot has fleshed out quickly, I have the opening sequence and the last line of the book, with many of the scenes playing out in between. I know what will happen, then what comes next, who our hero is and why they are the way they are. So, as much as I would love to spend some concentrated time on Ambrosia I need a little break – and sometimes these things happen for a reason. So here’s to NaNo 2013 and Cirque du Nuit, my new adventure in writing 🙂

4 thoughts on “Where to now? It’s NaNo time :)

    1. mel

      They are funny when they get you though, aren’t they? 🙂 I was thinking “I’ll pop some notes down in my book for the future” but then couldn’t get it out of my head – I’ve got the cover 85% there and am just getting my ‘character briefs’ together – which I don’t normally do, but NaNo is tough without something to refer to as you go along. Do you NaNo? (Also – ready for a beta read on Cloud soon? I really need to read again!)

  1. TonyT

    I have to do a memory map-spider diagram thing with a new book, or it won’t leave me alone! I’m not doing NaNo…I tend to write in short bursts, and every day would probably break my creativity. 🙂 Self doubt issues, I suspect. Mrs T is slowly going through Cloud…I have no idea when she’ll be done!

    1. mel Post author

      I look forward to reading it when you’re ready. I’m a bit similar (on the writing front) where I tend to do ‘bursts’ – I try to do NaNo to get me into a routine of writing something each day – I don’t always achieve it though – I’ve written about 50 words so far!


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