TGIF Look Back – 6th September

Welcome to TGIF Look Back it just takes a few minutes: to play along, just answer the following questions with some Friday feeling…do one or all, whatever you feel like because it’s Friday 🙂

FUNNY – What made you laugh this week?

READING – What were you reading this week?

INSPIRED – What inspired you this week? 

DONE – What were you mainly doing this week?

ANGEL – Who was your angel/star of the week?

YUCK – What made you go ‘ewwww’ this week?
My TGIF Look Back…

As I’ve not done one of these in ooh, over a year, I thought it was about time I did another – not that I’ve had a particularly thrilling week, or anything 😛

FUNNY – Re-runs of Cougar Town – you gotta love ‘Penny-Can’ 🙂

READING – I’m doing a final re-read and edit of RMT, following receipt of the first reviews from the ARCs. The feedback has been really helpful in determining what parts stay and which go, before the final version goes out. I’m starting to realise that one of the hardest thing about being in Balik’s head is that I’ve already been there, in Cassie’s first – and pulling out his knowledge, without seeing hers all the time isn’t as straight forward as you might think.

INSPIRED – I finished watching a TV show called Jericho this week. I missed it when it aired originally back in 2006 – 2008, but have watched the two seasons back-to-back in the last month. The depth of the characters and the realistic portrayal of how ‘normal’ people deal with the aftermath of a nuclear attack was really gripping. If you’ve never seen it, I’d recommend adding it to your Lovefilm list – it’s certainly got me back in the mood for finishing Outlanders, once RMT is finalised this month.

DONE – Editing and re-writes, with dash of ‘proper’ work.

So…how’s your week been?  🙂

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