Sliding Doors…

It’s interesting how life works sometimes and how random conversations or observations become bigger things…

Last week I was microwaving my lunch at work (as you do) and a woman from another office came into the kitchen. She had one of those fancy Kindle covers with a light, which I’d been wondering about buying and so we began chatting about that. Unsurprisingly, I asked “what are you reading?” and she began telling me about how she was writing a book (post-apocolypse, sci-fi-ish) and doing some mood reading for that by tackling Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’.

I’d only popped in to grab a quick five-minute lunch before heading back to the desk, but have now found myself with a real life writing buddy, which is really great as most of my writing friends are available only via email or Goodreads!

We chatted about our writing and general book stuff, and afterwards it got me thinking about the other little random moments that happen to you or that you read, which then end up in your writing…

In Hope’s Daughter and The Rainbow Maker’s Tale, Park 42 is the place they go to escape from life – to talk about things they don’t understand and try and find answers…Anyone who’s read ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ will know that ’42’ is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Likewise, Park 17, very randomly is the name of a local industrial estate. When we were at high school, we’d sit on the grassland inside Park 17 (now more industrial units) and do the usual stuff that teenagers do: talk about rubbish with your friends; lie and watch the sun in the sky, because it’s the holidays and you’ve got forever to do nothing; and generally avoid doing anything productive.


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