Just Finished…Zed by Stephen Herfst

I first came across this book when the author came on board for the Indie Author Month on Aside From Writing and I loved the cover 🙂 It fits perfectly with the book / blurb and really made me want to read it. And so I have…

The Blurb

The story revolves around a teenage girl’s promise to save Zed from the human hordes.

Zed is not your typical zombie. He is cursed with the affliction of thought … although he tries to make the best of a bad situation. The goals for his unrest are simple: to improve his stride, to taste a lightly-seared pork loin once again and avoid Activists at all costs.

His life was predictable, controlled and good until chaos crashed the party. In just one day his world is destroyed and his ability to survive is tested. Would he be able to get through this in one piece? And would he somehow be able to survive the unstoppable force that goes by the name of Chase?

The Review

Let’s start with the obvious: Bruce Willis was wrong – Zed’s not dead, he’s undead – which is way more fun!

I am a big sucker for zombie films, but have never actually read a book about them before – so this could go one of two ways. Thankfully for me – this is a great zombie book! I loved the quirky idea of seeing everything from a zombie point of view – albeit a very smart, Mr Darcy-esque zombie in his thoughts and language. Because he is a smart ‘thinking’ zombie Zed is an interesting creature to be inside the head of.

In the first few pages I was hooked on this book: the do-gooder activist humans who want to help train and re-educate zombies to integrate back into society; Zed’s sarcastic and intriguing thoughts on human behaviour seen from a zombie POV and the wonderful backstory of Gumbies, chewable Zombie Treetz TM used to reward good behaviour. For fans of zombie stuff the inversion of the genre in this book is very well done and should give you some laughs.

The action in the book is done well and on the whole moves on at a pace. Also, I think most people will enjoy the antagonistic relationship Zed has with his accidental companion. In parts Zed’s thoughts can ramble on a bit – perhaps that’s the zombie in him getting his brain stuck in a loop? And there were a few occasions where I really had to think about what was written and am still not sure I actually understand the point…maybe I’m not as deep or intellectual as Zed?

Stephen Herfst does a great job of making Zed real and believable. He writes very descriptively and builds an interesting and well-thought out world where the action takes place: it sits clearly within the genre with familiar themes and features, but at the same time gives you more to think about when you actually start to look at zombies as creatures/individuals, rather than a mass horde of sluggish-walking brain feeders. It was these details that made the book for me – that took you deep into a world that you don’t even bother to consider when you’re watching a zombie film and rooting for the grizzly guy at the front to take out the zombie in the supermarket with a banjo-related-decapitation.

Rating: 4* – Zombie fans and lovers of sarcastic heroes should enjoy this!


With my review sorted, I’m off to watch some Zombieland, Walking Dead and 28 Days Later…I’ve got me a hankerin’ for the undead in a non-sparkly-glittery vampire way…And let’s face it – zombies are probably the real undead anyway…They’re not so pretty and a bit stinky, but at least they’re honest when they maul you and don’t try to baffle you with beauty and sex!

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