TGIF Look Back – 6th April

Welcome to TGIF Look Back it just takes a few minutes: to play along, just answer the following questions with some Friday feeling…do one or all, whatever you feel like because it’s Friday 🙂

FUNNY – What made you laugh this week?

READING – What were you reading this week?

INSPIRED – What inspired you this week? 

DREAM – What were you dreaming about this week?

ANGEL – Who was your angel/star of the week?

YUCK – What made you go ‘ewwww’ this week?
My TGIF Look Back…

FUNNY – I’ve never had an iPhone and so I’d not really come across the whole ‘auto correct’ thing until recently when we got an iPad. This week when I got a message from a work colleague telling me “I’ve eaten the knickers off the shelf in the office – sorry!” I did have to wonder where the underwear had come from, why he would have eaten them and finally – why would he tell me about it? Auto correct was not my first thought, but was obviously his when I received a follow-up text confirming it was my SNICKERS he’d eaten and not some random pants…anyway, after having a good giggle at this I went in search of more inspiring auto corrects and found some very funny ones – enjoy!

READING – Have read quite a lot this week – two books and reviews over the weekend (Bites and Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis) and am currently reading Shadowland by CM Gray.

INSPIRED – After watching Contagion on Sunday night, I was inspired to update our zombie/apocalypse – don’t worry – it’s not real, just a silly conversation a friend and I had one afternoon when avoiding work last year – but our ‘fictional’ plan needed updating and we definitely need to make friends with some people who have actual skills other than writing and sarcasm, otherwise I think we’ll be zombie-fodder.

DREAM – Nope – just sleeping 🙂

ANGEL – Angel / stars of the week for me are the lovely bloggers who accepted Hope’s Daughter for reading/reviewing this week. Hope you enjoy it!

YUCK – Quiet week on the ‘eeewww’ stuff – can’t think of anything…
Happy holidays to everyone off over the bank holiday weekend – not too much chocolate 🙂

1 thought on “TGIF Look Back – 6th April

  1. Bonnie

    Here’s my TGIF Look Back…Post @ aside from writing

    FUNNY – Crazy coke chugging guy on YouTube – courtesy of Michael Cargill It’s kind of weird and he looks like he stepped out of LotR

    READING – Stephen King, The Running Man for April’s book of the month – I’m way behind!

    INSPIRED – Four-day week! Extra days off work are truly inspirational…

    DREAM – Random work stuff – nothing interesting

    YUCK – Have been watching True Blood re-runs this week – love them, but ewwww they’re gory sometimes


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