Thanks (December 2011) 12/13/2011 12:49:45 PM Hope’s Daughter 


I just wanted to jot a quick thank you to people who’ve helped me out with proof reading and comments in getting HD to where it is…

Firstly – I should thank Becky, because although she never read Hope’s Daughter, Becky was my first ever ‘reader’ and knows someone named Faris very well (if he ever makes it from draft to publication you’ll meet him too). But I couldn’t have gotten Cassie off the ground if there had not been previous writing – and so thank you Becky – you helped me with my early attempts!

A special ‘thank you’ to my three HD readers, who have read various versions of the novel and offered helpful grammar edits when I’d missed them, as well as feedback on the characters and the story development – we see a lot more of Ami because of one of them and Cassie is a lot less ‘bile-y’ in the later chapters because of another – don’t ask about the bile!

Anyway – so a big BIG thank you to Emma, Vikki and Jenny – your time was very much appreciated and your feedback helped me a lot. Be prepared – I may chuckOutlanders your way too if you’re not too busy with life, babies and jobs (not all at once for all of you!) 🙂

If you’ve ever tried writing yourself – or any similar ‘creative’ thing – you’ll know how invaluable critique and support is from people you trust – so cheers me dears –  I owe you a drink! 😉 You’ll also know how hard it is to ‘self-edit’ as you get to know the story so well, you almost don’t read it – so please forgive me the odd couple of typos that made it in – they are undoubtedly my oversight as I was the final proof reader.


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