Happy New Year! (January 2012)


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Happy new year out there! I hope 2012 brings you everything you need in life to make you happy 🙂

So – what’s been happening here?

At least with the holidays I managed to get some reading done – although having spent a lot of time on Goodreads my ‘to read’ list has gotten ridiculously long! Will let you know how well I get on with that soon.

December was very busy on the run up to Christmas with promotion for Hope’s Daughter, sorting out reviews, interviews, etc. and keeping that side of things going during the holidays. It’s done well on facebook so far – around 250 followers in two weeks – and the first reviews have been good 🙂

Heading into the new year I’ll still be doing some promotion work, but am turning most of my attention to get RMT and Outlanders completed for publication later in 2012. Not dates as yet – will have to see how easily the words come.

Mel x

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