Facebook (January 2012)

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The writing is going well – in that I mean I’m writing a lot, not that it’s necessarily good stuff! 🙂 But it is happening, which is the main thing. I’m focused on Outlanders as that is where my mind keeps taking me at the moment and I’m keen to see what happens – things are already changing, she’s a wily lass that Cassie and sometimes she needs to remind me that I’m not really in control of what she does. (That sounds a little crazy…oh dear).

On the non-writing side of things – the first reviews are starting to come in and I’ve been very happy 😀 (posted on the new interviews and reviews page of the website) and the book is out with approx. another dozen reviewers, so will hopefully see more feedback in the next few weeks. There are also some guest posts and interviews lined up for Jan-Feb, which I’m looking forward to.

This week I’ve launched my personal author page on facebook to compliment the book pages – I’m also going to have to admit defeat on Twitter – I don’t get it and think I probably talk too much to fit it in to such a small space.

So – facebook – the author page:


What better way to launch my author page than a giveaway? Who doesn’t like free things 🙂

So… if you’d like to win a copy of Hope’s Daughter for your iPad/iPhone or Kindle, wander over to my facebook author page and post a message on the wall – at the end of the month five people will be selected at random and receive a copy of the book. Plus – if we can make it to 250 ‘likes’ by the end of the month, we’ll double the prize to ten copies.
Mel x

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