Distractions (November 2011)

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I’ve really been trying to finish Hope’s Daughter, although I have been getting quite distracted by Outlanders in the last week or so – the words are coming much easier for that than my final draft edits.

But my biggest distraction has been because I’ve found myself with some free time – so rather than open up the laptop I’ve been disappearing off reading for ridiculous amounts of time – and got around to reading some decent YA novels that I’ve wanted to for a while now – selection of them below (I’m sure you’re all well ahead of me on these!)

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman – such a great idea and really well written – I was just so sad at the end I’ve not been able to face the idea of the rest of the series yet.

The Darkest Powers Trilogy – Kelley Armstrong
Been out there for a while so I’m sure many people will have come across these – the first one is particularly good and gives a nice slant on supernatural for YA.

Becca Fitzpatrick – Fallen Angel series
Again – as a best seller I’ll bet most people have read these well before me. Great characters in Patch, Vee and Nora – as my first dabble in the ‘fallen angel’ genre really enjoyed these – again I think I like the ‘odd number’ books the best, in this case Hush Hush and Silence.

Feeling a little at a loss when I finished the Fallen Angel books I went straight for another of the same with After Eden – a fantastic book from Katherine Pine – less than £1.00 for my Kindle as well which was an absolute steal if you ask me! It feels slightly more involved ‘biblically speaking’ than the previous grouping – and her imagery and descriptions are really great – nothing close to cliche and very detailed without taking away from the pace of the plot. Apparently there’s a sequel coming soon, so I’ll be looking out for that. Check out the link below if you’d like to give this one a go:

On the non-YA side of things I’ve also got a stack of things awaiting my sleepy eyes: The Concubine’s Secret by Kate Furnivall – sequel to The Russian Concubine which I loved and read a few years ago. If you like historical novels this one is great. I’ve also just been given The Crimson Petal and the White to read by someone who professed it unputdownable – another historical novel and an international bestseller, so I’m expecting big things. I’ve also got a couple of ‘movie books’ – having not seen the films have been instead inspired to read the books and so I’ve got One Day and The Help in the pile as well.

With all that to read I’m sure I’ll make myself more late with my own stuff!

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